Terms of Sales

1) Purpose and scope:


These general conditions apply to all products marketed by Weldiflex Sàrl from its website accessible via the URL or www.weldiflex.lu www.weldiflex.lu. When a purchase via the website, they are automatically submitted for approval of the purchaser must check a box confirming that he has read. Therefore, the placing of an order entails the full and unreserved buyer to the said general conditions to the exclusion of all other documents (prospectuses, catalogs, commercial emails, advertisements, ...) issued by the seller who have a mere indicative value. The fact that the seller does not prevail at some point in any one of the provisions hereof shall be construed as a waiver to take advantage later of the said conditions.


2) Scope of Sale:

Weldiflex Sàrl is the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, retailers and importers of equipment and industrial consumables in all the forms it can take. Our online sales offer consists of machines and consumables associated therewith. Delivery is by Weldiflex Sàrl, by carrier or logistician. The scope of delivery is the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland and France. Resellers are excluded from online sales.


3) Legal information:

Weldiflex Sàrl also doing trade under the "Weldishop"

Head office :

20B, rue de Bierg à L-9656 Harlange

Phone   :

(00 352)   691.45.04.78

Fax :

(00 352)

e-mail :


Web site :


No. RCS registration :

Luxembourg   B175092

No. VAT registration number:

LU   260 806 36



Name of legal representative:


4) Protection of minors:

In accordance with the provisions of Article 1124 paragraph 1 of the Civil Code specifies that an unemancipated minor is unable to contract, the buyer agrees, filling the order, to be eighteen years of age on the date sending thereof.


5) Protection of privacy:

Personal data collected by Weldiflex Sàrl when placing the order will be subject to prior notification to the National Supervisory Commission. Unless the customer agreement, personal data collected on the site may in no case be an external communication Weldiflex Sàrl. A communication may nevertheless be made to meet legal and regulatory obligations.

Are brought to the attention of the purchaser the following information:


• Identity of the processing for which the data are intended:

Weldiflex Sàrl 20B, Bierg Rue L-9656 Harlange


• The collection of predicted data is performed as part of the sale of products on this website, including for the provision thereof,


• The coordinates of the site to which the purchaser has a right of access to data and for a right to rectify such data is: www.weldiflex.lu and www.weldiflex.lu



6) Duration of the offer and the price:

The validity of the offer and the price as shown on the website of Weldiflex Sàrl is valid when the actual placing of the order with the conditions in the same time on the website.


7) Essential characteristics of goods sold:

Weldiflex Sàrl sells industrial equipment and other consumables, and accessories products and support.


8) Controls:

The customer selects using the electronic catalog products and services it wishes to acquire and transmits its order to Weldiflex Sàrl electronically from an order form available on the website to complete and validate the instructions . The set of data provided by the buyer to the command handover purposes and in particular the acceptance of these conditions is the electronic signature confirming the buyer's membership in internet sales contract. After confirmation of the order, the buyer receives an order confirmation containing all the information entered by it, information relating to the existence of the right of withdrawal as well as the means to enforce it.


9) Price

Our prices are shown in the unit, in Euros. The sale prices listed do not include shipping or port which are the subject of a billing statement and clearly separated on the order, this, before validating it.


10) Shipping, Fashion and delivery

The postage or delivery vary according to the type of transport and the contents of the order and destination of the shipment. Only commands to the Grand Duchy, Belgium, France and Holland are allowed on the online sales site. For shipments outside of the defined area, please contact our company.

Deliver type

Time (days)

Transport cost


By carrier


Free of cost

Order > 500€

By carrier


Depending weight and size

Order < 500€


Delivery is made by carrier or sending to the delivery address stated by the customer on the order form sent to Weldiflex Sàrl (or by notice of availability). In any event, delivery within the deadlines can intervene only if the customer has provided the seller with accurate information on contact information or that of any other recipient. Delivery times run from the receipt of payment by the customer. If error address, Weldiflex Sàrl can not be held responsible for failure to deliver the goods in place and timely manner. The delivery time overruns can not give rise to damages or deductions. However, either of the parties may request termination of the contract after a period of 15 days beyond the expected delivery date. The customer will be refunded his payment excluding any other compensation or damages.


11) Reception:

Upon receipt of goods, it is for the recipient to verify the condition and make any claims relating to possible defects or to gaps within 5 days from the date of delivery of the delivery . The complaint can be made by simple e-mail to: weldiflex@www.weldiflex.lu. Receiving unqualified products ordered by the customer covers all apparent defects and/or missing.

12) Payment:

The payment of goods is wholly with the order by credit card for individuals, and according to the provisions of the bill for professionals. The payment of goods is entirely in order, by credit card. Weldiflex Sàrl can not be held liable for breach of stock or restricted stock. To ensure the security of your payment, Weldiflex Sàrl resorted to the online payment system "Paypal". In any event, Weldiflex Sàrl can not be held liable for any disclosure of confidential information by Paypal or other third party interfered or not in the order process.


13) Retention of title:

The transfer of ownership of our products is suspended until full payment thereof by the purchaser, in principal and accessories, even in case of deferral of payment.


14) Right of withdrawal of the buyer:

The buyer has a withdrawal period of a period of 7 days from receipt of goods, without penalty and without giving any reason.

Upon exercise of this right by the purchaser, by simple e-mail to weldiflex@www.weldiflex.lu, Weldiflex Sàrl reimburse it the selling price within thirty days from the date of return the goods, by means of transfer, bank check, credit note or voucher. The cost of returning the goods remain the sole responsibility of the buyer.


15) Returns of goods:

Any return of goods, excluding the exercise of the right of withdrawal (see 14), will be made to the risks, dangers and customer expense. A claim based and justified addressed by email to weldiflex@www.weldiflex.lu may lead to either partial or total reimbursement of the price of the goods sold, or a credit note to assert within twelve months of the purchase that resulted in the establishment of the latter.


16) File Property:

All data (text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, ..) on this site are the property of Weldiflex Sàrl or respective authors and owners.

17) After-sales service and warranty visible defects, hidden defects and lack of conformity:

Weldiflex has an after-sales service at the following:

Weldiflex, 20B Street Bierg, L-9656 Harlange. Phone: 691.45.04.78Horaires open: Monday to Friday from 9am 12pm and from 13:00 to 17:00.

In case of defects denounced the conditions listed in the "reception" and conformities denounced as below within the statutory period, defective products are replaced by us, subject to verification of alleged defects. WELDIFLEX reserves the right to directly or indirectly make any findings and audit. The replacement will lead or cancellation of the sale, nor right to price reduction.

Defects and deterioration of consecutive products to abnormal conditions of storage and / or storage at the customer, especially in case of an accident of any kind whatsoever will not entitle to any damage, exchange or compensation.

Weldiflex Sàrl also attributes to its customers the legal guarantee against hidden defects on the express condition that the buyer denounces them by mail with acknowledgment of receipt within three days of their discovery, and at in the two years following the date of delivery of the goods.


On return due to power failure or other problems detected:


- The private client bears at its own organizational and financial burden for the return of his computer or other device at the headquarters of Weldiflex Sàrl.


- The professional customer completes an online form of intervention to the attention of Weldiflex Sàrl. The latter agrees upon receipt of this document on a response time or an alternative solution within the 48 working hours at most.


18) Force Majeure:

Are considered as force majeure or fortuitous events, the events beyond the will of the parties, they could not reasonably be required to provide, and they could not reasonably avoid or overcome, insofar as their occurrence makes it totally not the obligations.

Include assimilated to force majeure or fortuitous WELDIFLEX discharging its obligation to deliver in the time originally planned strikes, fire, flood, downtime due to accidental failures, that list is not exhaustive. In such circumstances, WELDIFLEX warns the client in writing (including fax, email) within 24 hours of the occurrence of the event, the contract between the seller and the buyer will be suspended automatically without compensation after the event arose.

If it lasts more than thirty days of placing the order date, the sales contract is automatically terminated without the buyer being able to claim the award of damages.


19) Governing Law and Jurisdiction:

These general conditions of sale are subject to the application of Luxembourg law.

Any dispute under the sole jurisdiction of the Luxembourg courts.


20) Notes and other information:

The information produced and services included on this website may contain technical inaccuracies or commercial. The products offered are only up to their availability. WELDIFLEX the company will in no be considered responsible for damages arising due to improper use of data and services offered on its website. It declines any responsibility with respect to any damage caused.


21) Special offers and promotions:

Ongoing promotions on the Internet also apply to other modes of orders or purchase, unless otherwise stated.

Special offers and general promotions are valid under the following conditions:

- in the limit of the available stock.

- Can not be combined with current offers, unless otherwise stated.

- May be amended, suspended, canceled or replaced at any time without prior Weldiflex notice and without compensation.